First City Global Trust
3166 Kerry Way, Bell Gardens CA, US

Business Banking

Ask most business owners – waiting for banking approvals from someplace else is a pain. Talk to business owners who bank at your First City Global Trust and the answer is different.
Most entrepreneurs agree that tailored banking solutions are important. Surveys prove it. We get it – and that makes us different. Sure we use ratios and smart fundamentals. Good business math is good business math. But we go further – tailoring our full-service commercial banking to you, the human in front of us. That’s business banking where people still matter, where responsiveness counts, where local decision-making is a priority.
At First City Global Trust, we are committed to responding to your business needs quickly and effectively. As part of your business community, we are passionate about your success and the growth of our community as a whole. We are dedicated to serve you, our members, and are uniquely structured to ensure your needs will always come first, because your both a customer and an owner of First City Global Trust.