First City Global Trust
3166 Kerry Way, Bell Gardens CA, US

Monthly Savings Plan

A great way to save! Designed as a bond alternative, this convenient plan can be purchased through a payroll savings plan or automatic transfers.
Benefits: Save money with NO FEES Available anytime during the year Withdrawal flexibility – funds available at anytime ONE withdrawal permitted per month without collapsing plan
  • The Monthly Savings Account is a convenient way to save for that special purchase, vacation, children’s education, or maybe for Christmas expenses.
  • The interest rate is competitive with Canada Savings Bonds.
  • Funds can be paid via payroll deductions, direct deposit, over the counter, via Member Direct or ATM.
  • Goal amounts can be set in multiples of £50.00.
  • You can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum, daily balance and is paid monthly.
  • Regular deposits do not need to be maintained.
  • One free withdrawal may be made each month.
  • Unlimited access via Member Direct and TeleService.
  • MemberCard debit cards are not permitted on this account.
  • Passbook option is available.